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Who is Jesus- The Messiah?

DAY 4: LENT 2018 Hello, Lovelies welcome back 🙂 As promised in my previous post (here), I'm starting the mini-series about the identity of Jesus Christ as part of this year's Lent season. These targeted posts are tailored specifically to unbelievers or those of a different religion and belief.  A couple of weeks ago, a… Continue reading Who is Jesus- The Messiah?

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Dig Deeper: When wisdom calls

Listen, Wisdom is calling.     Yes, Understanding is shouting for us. Wisdom stands at the top of the hill,     by the road where the paths meet.  She is near the entrance to the city,     calling from the open gates.  “I am calling out to all of you.     I am speaking to everyone.  You who are ignorant,… Continue reading Dig Deeper: When wisdom calls