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The Star-crossed lovers 

Dear Ex Do you still remember where it all began? That initial Facebook friend request that sparked a convo? The way you sneaked in through the back Door unannounced? You plotted ways to get closer and succeeded... Blind folded by our passion, we chose to live in the moment Before we could be unfolded, we… Continue reading The Star-crossed lovers 

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Precious time 

Time is everything Everything revolves around time Time says "without me, life is meaningless" Meaningless daily activities; endless repetitive routines Routines which lead to questioning your very existence Existence. Who actually knows the very beginning? Beginning of life in its pure, true identity Identity. It defines who we truly are Are you placed aright in… Continue reading Precious time 

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Hi guys, it's like you don't want to leave abi? I know, me neither First things first, Happy Sunday!!!! Today is a truly special day for me. I'll tell you why before you even ask: Two amazing friends were born today; yesterday was the blog anniversary; the weather has been awful "strange" all weekend, church was… Continue reading WHAT’S IN MY HEAD