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The Star-crossed lovers 

Dear Ex Do you still remember where it all began? That initial Facebook friend request that sparked a convo? The way you sneaked in through the back Door unannounced? You plotted ways to get closer and succeeded... Blind folded by our passion, we chose to live in the moment Before we could be unfolded, we… Continue reading The Star-crossed lovers 

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#1: Can the broken-hearted be unbroken? 

***Disclaimer: My peoples, I'm sorry today's post is probably going to sound a little cliche. Nevertheless, words are just letters unless someone activate them with actions? Repetition and reinforcement have been proven to accelerate our learning experiences So here it goes:  There is a well-treasured saying that even Christians take comfort from during times of… Continue reading #1: Can the broken-hearted be unbroken? 

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Uni life ain’t Godly life

Welcome back my lovelies😁Apologies for not posting throughout last week. The busy post-uni life struggles are real😭Anyhoo, I have a juicy post for you today. It's written by a young aspiring humanitarian and bona-fide creative; author of this amazing blog Enjoy 😊 x Here it goes... Being a Christian in uni is not easy guys. No one… Continue reading Uni life ain’t Godly life

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Happy Father’s Day Papi :D

Happy Father's Day to all wonderful dads out there! Thought-provoking words for today: "Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny"- Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional I can't… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day Papi 😀

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A letter to My Dad: RIP

13 years ago, on this day, my world came to a standstill. The moment you breathed your last, I knew my life would never remain the same. It happened on a Sunday and I  was only 9 years old when the news came. For years, I couldn't understand why it had to be You, He chose… Continue reading A letter to My Dad: RIP