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2018- What is God’s plan ?

Happy new year guys and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm going to share a few expectations for this year and I pray this resonates well with you, the way it has with me. At the start of the year, a friend ask me what the theme for this year was in my church.… Continue reading 2018- What is God’s plan ?

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Story time: What do you see?

I'm finally at a stage in my life where I'm actually comfortable with being myself and loving me for me. How did I get to this stage? Let's dive in and find out together.  The few close friends I grew up with can definitely testify I was undoubtedly a late bloomer. Growing up, I remember… Continue reading Story time: What do you see?

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    ONE YEAR LATER- the journey

GOD IS GOOD: You guys, I really cannot stress enough just how vital it is that we develop an understanding of what that phrase really means. GOD is GOOD: everyday he is constantly finding and developing new ways to help us see this. GOD IS GOOD: whilst we can definitely try, and with his grace… Continue reading     ONE YEAR LATER- the journey

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Have You Met Your Purpose…

Hi everyone, okay so this is officially an informal introductory and first blog post 🙂 It has taken me longer than anticipated to start this blog, where is the time to do anything this days? Anyways, I'd start by giving a quick background information leading up to this post. So, a couple of months ago during… Continue reading Have You Met Your Purpose…