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Who is Jesus- Son of God?

Song of the day https://youtu.be/HPqDaKajSnQ Welcome back guys, let's dive straight in shall we... According to this website, Jesus clearly told others He was the Son of God. By reading the following scriptures, you might begin to discover/understand the truth we christians hold on to and preach about. Luke 2:66-71 John 5:16-21 John 13: 1-5 John… Continue reading Who is Jesus- Son of God?

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Valentine’s Day shenanigans

Welcome back lovelies, Song of the Day: Joy by Vashawn Mitchell https://youtu.be/86_MXU76e0c Unless you live under a rock (no offence) somewhere, you'll know that today is Valentine's Day!!! So, first of all, I'd like to wish every single one of my readers a very happy Valentines Day. I hope you were able to spend time… Continue reading Valentine’s Day shenanigans

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A man of faltering lips

  Out from Egypt: From Slavery to Freedom A Man of Faltering Lips Moses may have been raised in a palace and educated as royalty, but when Yahweh called him back to Egypt, Moses had labeled himself a poor speaker and unworthy to carry such a message. But did Yahweh ever say, “Moses, I want… Continue reading A man of faltering lips

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The Blood of Jesus: the Grace giver

Happy Sunday my beautiful readers!! As always, I give glory to God Almighty for sparing our lives to live and see this Holy day. May his name alone be praised on our lips, forever more. Amen.  Today's post is a devotional I accidentally stumbled upon this morning from the famous Gospel Artist GuvnaB. Enjoy😁🙏🏽 Title:… Continue reading The Blood of Jesus: the Grace giver