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A man who called himself a God

Out from Egypt: From Slavery to Freedom In Exodus 7:1, GOD tells Moses that he will “make you as God to Pharaoh.” So not only was Moses a messenger; but also a direct representation of GOD, a picture of his holiness, power, and majesty of a man who called himself a god. The Pharaohs were… Continue reading A man who called himself a God

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Dig Deeper: When wisdom calls

Listen, Wisdom is calling.     Yes, Understanding is shouting for us. Wisdom stands at the top of the hill,     by the road where the paths meet.  She is near the entrance to the city,     calling from the open gates.  “I am calling out to all of you.     I am speaking to everyone.  You who are ignorant,… Continue reading Dig Deeper: When wisdom calls

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The Blood of Jesus: the Grace giver

Happy Sunday my beautiful readers!! As always, I give glory to God Almighty for sparing our lives to live and see this Holy day. May his name alone be praised on our lips, forever more. Amen.  Today's post is a devotional I accidentally stumbled upon this morning from the famous Gospel Artist GuvnaB. Enjoy😁🙏🏽 Title:… Continue reading The Blood of Jesus: the Grace giver

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Our Peace, God’s will

Hey Manchester, we unite with you and you have our sincere empathy💞 Until you have peace with GOD, you'll never experience true peace because he is the source of PEACE. He created us for a relationship with him, to have an eternal fellowship with us and much more. Until we have that peace with him,… Continue reading Our Peace, God’s will

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Take off the Mask

This post is a daily devotional from Joyce's Meyer titled: "Promises for your everyday life" This topic has been resting on my mind for a while now and I wanted to write about it until I came across this devotional. It nicely summed up what I would have said and I pray as you read,… Continue reading Take off the Mask