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#1: Can the broken-hearted be unbroken? 

***Disclaimer: My peoples, I'm sorry today's post is probably going to sound a little cliche. Nevertheless, words are just letters unless someone activate them with actions? Repetition and reinforcement have been proven to accelerate our learning experiences So here it goes:  There is a well-treasured saying that even Christians take comfort from during times of… Continue reading #1: Can the broken-hearted be unbroken? 

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Hidden Secrets…

Welcome back guys 😀 Can you tell I'm excited? God is good always!. Right now, I'm just so filled with gratitude. I'm elated to announce that I have young aspiring writers here on the blog and every now and then, I'll be featuring their amazing work. Without prolonging the matter, I present to you Toluwase… Continue reading Hidden Secrets…