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A man of faltering lips

  Out from Egypt: From Slavery to Freedom A Man of Faltering Lips Moses may have been raised in a palace and educated as royalty, but when Yahweh called him back to Egypt, Moses had labeled himself a poor speaker and unworthy to carry such a message. But did Yahweh ever say, “Moses, I want… Continue reading A man of faltering lips

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A man who called himself a God

Out from Egypt: From Slavery to Freedom In Exodus 7:1, GOD tells Moses that he will “make you as God to Pharaoh.” So not only was Moses a messenger; but also a direct representation of GOD, a picture of his holiness, power, and majesty of a man who called himself a god. The Pharaohs were… Continue reading A man who called himself a God

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Please don’t judge me😭

Okay, this post might sound like an angry black girl post. Guess what? It is!!! I'm so done, sick and tired of people judging me. Especially close friends and family ☹️ If I receive a pound for every moment someone has mentioned something negative about me in the past month, I'm pretty sure I'll be… Continue reading Please don’t judge me😭

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The Star-crossed lovers 

Dear Ex Do you still remember where it all began? That initial Facebook friend request that sparked a convo? The way you sneaked in through the back Door unannounced? You plotted ways to get closer and succeeded... Blind folded by our passion, we chose to live in the moment Before we could be unfolded, we… Continue reading The Star-crossed lovers 

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#1: Can the broken-hearted be unbroken? 

***Disclaimer: My peoples, I'm sorry today's post is probably going to sound a little cliche. Nevertheless, words are just letters unless someone activate them with actions? Repetition and reinforcement have been proven to accelerate our learning experiences So here it goes:  There is a well-treasured saying that even Christians take comfort from during times of… Continue reading #1: Can the broken-hearted be unbroken?