Helloo and welcome to my blog!

First things first: and  it- The official name is Oluwafunmilayo Comfort Asaolu, but everyone here calls me comfort☺️ I’m Nigerian but I currently live and study Biological Sciences in the UK (future doctor in the making)

There’s a whole lot I can honestly write about myself, but I doubt most of them would be all that interesting to read 😦

But…if it helps, most of my closest friends have previously summarised  me as the “small, shy, but academically clever girl with a weird social life,  who loves God and church a little bit too much. Finally, she is extremely clueless about any current happenings in the world and the worst DJ at any party because all she really know well is gospel music“.

 I’m extremely blessed to have been brought up in an extremely close-knitted and loving Christian home, but it was only until recently I decided to truly embrace God as the anchor of that family. I must say, so far, it’s been the best real decision I’ve ever made.Through His leadership and guidance,  this blog finally came into existence.

This is just a platform for me to share my past, present and future experiences with anyone who cares enough to read 🙂 But I also really look forward to hearing some of your wonderful stories in due course.

I want to believe you’ve followed the link here for a reason and not just by accident; so whatever those reasons may be, I’d love to hear all about it!

“Everyone has something to say”– By Various

P.S :- This song by Jonathan McReynolds  Lovin’ Me is one of my favourite everyday songs because it nicely sums up my life so far. I pray as you listen, you’ll also be able to at least enjoy the lyrics and tune if nothing else.

God Bless

Comfort A


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