The Star-crossed lovers 

Dear Ex

Do you still remember where it all began?

That initial Facebook friend request that sparked a convo?

The way you sneaked in through the back Door unannounced?

You plotted ways to get closer and succeeded…
Blind folded by our passion, we chose to live in the moment

Before we could be unfolded, we grew like star crossed lovers

How bliss those precious moments were

Days, months, years flew by without notice

Your love became an addiction I couldn’t break

I longed to share every moment of the day with you; you did too

We were not perfect, yet found joy in our imperfections

Immersed with love, we made a convenant without knowing

I was first, I will never do what she did

I will be there whenever you need me
Little did I know I was lying

I lied and lied…and lied some more

The day I decided to let go, you never saw coming

Albeit I wanted to stay, but nay it was futile

My mind was made up, I had to leave

The reasons were clear, yet you couldn’t see

My love I don’t blame your obliviousness

You were drunk in love

I apologised then and I do now

It wasn’t how I imagined it to be


I just had to let you go

Please let go

I need to be freed of your love

I want to love again, unblinded this time

You deserve true love, I cannot offer

My body, my being belong to another

Adios My Love, I bid you farewell

You were my first,

First real love that is…

But now

it’s time to make space for another.


Big Fish



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