Uni life ain’t Godly life

Welcome back my lovelies😁Apologies for not posting throughout last week. The busy post-uni life struggles are real😭Anyhoo, I have a juicy post for you today. It’s written by a young aspiring humanitarian and bona-fide creative; author of this amazing blog
Enjoy 😊 x


Here it goes…

Being a Christian in uni is not easy guys. No one told me there would be so much hoeish activities at uni. I feel like everyone here is just having sex with one another. I’m just there like rah😳 It’s like a whole new world outchea. Not in the cute Disney Aladdin way. I mean in a way where you can really lose yourself!

My older sister said it’s because I’m with the wrong people, but how can I meet the right people, when the people that were doing the most in the club are the same people are I see praising God in the church?  I ain’t judging though because I was at the club too so yeah.

That brings me to one of my main point:

I love turning up and all and my uni really go all out when it comes to events. It’s like the turn up is more important than my actual degree. People are always looking for motive! Here’s the fun fact, the motive is not just to have fun you know. It’s mainly a platform to “link girls or to links boys” I know girls who actually dress up for these motives with pure determination to link the mandem. Boys be telling each other how many whines they’re gonna catch before they enter the club. It’s all about who going home with who. Who sexxing who.

I ain’t gonna lie and say I’m a goodie too shoe. I mean, I’ve had guys over too. Yeah, I was also part of the movement😊. But I promise nothing happened!

Honestly, the whole movement it not for me.

For a while I stopped going out simply because I didn’t want to whine with anyone. I didn’t want to link anyone. But then, I was quickly labelled the boring girl. Not the Godly girl oo. I repeat, explicitly ‘the boring girl’.

Everybody around me claim to be Christians but I don’t think they’re acting Godly. There was this girl who kept having sex with different guys that come home with her after the club. Girls be doing these activities like it’s no biggie. And they’re all so called Christians.

Personally, I can’t call myself a Christian and be behaving like that.

Then again, I don’t wanna be labelled the boring girl either. I like having fun but the type of fun my peoples at uni are having is not for me.

By the way, did I mention there are also so many “drug” dealers at my uni….

Damn these struggles



Dami J


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